99+ Tetelestai Tattoos To Show The World “It’s Finished”

Last update: February 15, 2024

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The word "tetelestai" is a Greek word that has a range of meanings, including "it is finished," "paid in full," or "completed." It's also the name of a popular type of Christian tattoo.

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what is the meaning of the word Tetelestai?

Tetelestai" is a Greek word that was famously spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross just before he died, according to the Bible. It is usually translated as "It is finished" or "It is accomplished". The word comes from the Greek verb "teleo", which means "to complete" or "to fulfill".

When Jesus said "Tetelestai", he was declaring that his mission on earth was complete and that he had accomplished the task that God had sent him to do. It is a powerful statement that signifies the completion of something important and significant.

In modern times, "Tetelestai" is often used as a symbol of completion or achievement, and is sometimes used in the context of finishing a difficult task or reaching a major milestone.

The Tetelestai tattoo meaning

The tetelestai tattoo is often seen as a symbol of faith, representing various things for different people. For some, it may be a reminder that their sins are forgiven, while others may see it as a statement of their belief in Jesus Christ.

The Tetelestai tattoo symbolizes God's great love for all his children. To some, this one word holds such a vast meaning that it is indescribable. The Greek word "Tetelestai" translates to English as "it is finished." This communicates that the process has ended, and we can now spend eternity with God. Love, patience, kindness, and other positive traits are often associated with those who choose to get a Tetelestai tattoo.

Whatever the meaning, the tetelestai tattoo is a popular choice for many Christians and is sure to be seen more and more in the future.

The History of the Tetelestai Tattoo

The tetelestai tattoo has a long and rich history, dating back to the early days of Christianity. It's believed that the first instance of the tattoo was seen on the body of Saint Paul, one of the most important figures in Christianity.

The word Tetelestai is Greek for "It is finished." This occurs in John 19:28 and 19:30 of the Holy Bible, the only two spots where it comes up in the New Testament.

As explained in John 19:28, Tetelestai is the last thing Jesus said. In other words, Jesus knew everything was completed while he was on the cross. For the scripture to be complete, Jesus needed to say, "I thirst." After he was given his final drink of wine, Jesus said "Tetelestai" as he bowed his head and gave up his ghost.

This story emphasizes the importance of the phrase Tetelestai and why this tattoo is popular among believers. The phrase also signifies "paid in full," which we will discuss shortly. Remember that Jesus died for our sins so that our debt would be paid in full—or finished—and we no longer have to worry if we can get into heaven or not.

While the phrase "it is finished" is commonly associated with Jesus, it's also found in other places in the Bible. For example, in Colossians 2:14-15, Paul says that we have been forgiven and set free from the law through Christ. This means our old life of sin has ended, and a new life has begun.

Best tetelestai tattoo Ideas and their meanings

There are several ways the tetelestai tattoo can be designed, each with its own meaning. Here are some of the most popular variations:

Tetelestai tattoo with cross: One of the most popular designs is the cross. This tattoo version often includes "tetelestai" written across the cross. The cross is a symbol of Christianity, and the tetelestai tattoo with the cross often represents a person's faith in Jesus Christ.

Tetelestai tattoo with cross

Tetelestai greek tattoo: This variation of the tetelestai tattoo is written in Greek. The Greek word for "it is finished" is "tetelestai." This tattoo variation is often seen in people who are Greek Orthodox or have a deep connection to the Greek language.

Tetelestai greek tattoo

Tetelestai tattoo Hebrew: The Hebrew word for "it is finished" is "tetelestai." This tattoo variation is often seen in Jewish people or those who have a deep connection to the Hebrew language.

Tetelestai tattoo Hebrew

Tetelestai tattoo font: The tetelestai tattoo can be designed in several different fonts. Some people prefer to have the tattoo written in a simple font, while others like to have it written in a more elaborate font.

Tetelestai tattoo font

Tetelestai tattoo wrist: The tetelestai tattoo is often seen on the wrist. This is a popular placement for the tattoo because it's visible and can be easily covered up if necessary.

Tetelestai tattoo wrist

Tetelestai forearm tattoo: The tetelestai tattoo is also often seen on the forearm. This placement is popular because it's visible and allows the tattoo to be easily covered up if necessary.

Tetelestai forearm tattoo

Tetelestai tattoo for women: The tetelestai tattoo is often seen on women. This is because "it is finished" is often associated with Jesus Christ, and many women see him as a role model.

Tetelestai tattoo for women

Regardless of your personal beliefs, the tetelestai tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful tattoo that you can cherish for a lifetime.

People Also Ask:

What does a Jesus tattoo symbolize?

Jesus tattoos usually carry personal meaning for the person sporting them, whether it is religious or not. For some, it is simply a sign of hope. The most well-known image associated with Jesus' tattoos is Christ wearing a crown of thorns.

Is a tattoo a sin in the Bible?

In Leviticus 19:28, the Bible details that making cuts in your flesh or tattooing as mourning rites are not to be done because you belong to the Lord.

What does God say about tattoos?

Today, tattoos are common all over the world. But in ancient times, they were forbidden in many cultures. In the Middle East, for example, the Hebrew Bible forbade tattooing. According to Leviticus 19:28, "You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves."

What were Jesus's last words before he died?

Around the ninth hour, Jesus loudly exclaimed in lamentation, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?", which translates to, "My God, my God, why have you deserted me?" This is the only phrase that appears in more than one of the gospel accounts. Additionally, this Psalm 22:1 quote reveals intense feelings of abandonment and betrayal.

What does the tetelestai tattoo symbolize?

The tetelestai tattoo is a symbol of love, faith, and sacrifice. It often represents God's great love for us and the sacrifice that Jesus made for our sins. Tetelestai tattoos can be designed in several different fonts, but the most popular is the Greek word for "it is finished," which is "tetelestai." The tattoo can be placed on any body part, but the wrist and forearm are two of the most popular placements.

What is the meaning of "Tetelestai"?

"Tetelestai" is a Greek word that was spoken by Jesus Christ on the cross, which means "It is finished" or "It is accomplished".

What is "Tetelestai" in Hebrew?

"Tetelestai" is a Greek word and does not have a direct translation in Hebrew. However, the closest Hebrew word with similar meaning is "Tamam", which also means "It is finished".

In what language is "Tetelestai"?

"Tetelestai" is a Greek word that was spoken by Jesus Christ, and it is recorded in the Greek New Testament.

What does "Kyrie Eleison" mean?

"Kyrie Eleison" is a Greek phrase that means "Lord, have mercy". It is often used in Christian liturgy as a prayer or plea for God's mercy.

How to say "It is finished" in Aramaic?

In Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke, "It is finished" is believed to be "Tetelestai", which is the same as in Greek.

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99+ Tetelestai Tattoo Ideas For Your Inspiration

Final thoughts

The tetelestai tattoo is a beautiful and meaningful tattoo you can cherish forever. No matter what your personal beliefs may be, the tetelestai tattoo is a great way to show your faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for our sins. If you are considering getting a tetelestai tattoo, be sure to find a reputable tattoo artist who can help you create a beautiful and unique design that you will be proud to show off.

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