250+ Infinity Tattoos That Guarantee Your Never Ending Love

Last update: March 1, 2024

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Infinity tattoos have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their timeless and versatile nature. The infinity symbol represents the concept of infinity, which means something that is endless, eternal, or boundless. This powerful symbol can be incorporated into a variety of tattoo designs, each with its own unique meaning and significance. In this article, we will explore some popular infinity tattoo ideas and their meanings, providing inspiration for those seeking a meaningful and timeless tattoo design.

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The Infinity Tattoo Meaning

The infinity symbol is often used as a tattoo design, representing eternal love or an endless loop. It can also be seen as a representation of life's infinite possibilities.

For a tattoo that shows never-ending love, many couples choose an eternity tattoo. The wearer can add hearts around the basic symbol representing eternal love and connection. You could also get an infinity tattoo with the names of loved ones or your partner to demonstrate your infinite bond that surpasses time.

The infinity symbol can also be a reminder to live in the present moment. It reminds us that this moment is all we have and that we should make the most of it.

For those who want to commemorate a friendship or relationship, a double infinity symbol is an excellent choice. These designs draw inspiration from traditional Celtic knots, known for their deep symbolic meaning related to the connection of two people. Additionally, these symbols often represent rebirth and reincarnation, or the idea that souls exist beyond one lifetime.

The infinity tattoo is a trendy pick to show an eternal devotion to a god or represent and pay tribute to one's family. This tattoo connects not only to the individual's ancestors but also to future generations. With its clean lines, a black outline of the simple infinity symbol has become more popular in recent years as it carries so much meaning.

Infinity symbol meaning and history

The infinity symbol, also known as the lemniscate, is a mathematical symbol that represents the concept of infinity, which means something that is endless, eternal, or boundless. The symbol is shaped like a horizontal figure eight (∞) and has been used in various cultures and contexts throughout history.

The origin of the infinity symbol is uncertain, but it is believed to have been first used by John Wallis, an English mathematician, in 1655 to represent the concept of infinity. The symbol was later popularized by mathematicians such as Leonhard Euler, who used it extensively in his work on calculus and infinite series.

The infinity symbol has also been used in various spiritual and religious contexts throughout history. In ancient Egyptian mythology, for example, the ouroboros, a serpent or dragon eating its own tail, represented the concept of infinity and the cyclical nature of time. In Hinduism, the infinity symbol is associated with the concept of Brahman, the ultimate reality or absolute consciousness that is beyond space and time.

In modern times, the infinity symbol has become a popular tattoo and jewelry design, often used to represent eternal love or friendship. The symbol has also been used in branding and marketing, particularly in the technology and telecommunications industries, to signify unlimited possibilities and connectivity.

Overall, the infinity symbol has come to represent the idea of boundless possibility, infinite potential, and eternal continuity, making it a powerful and versatile symbol that has transcended its mathematical origins.

Best infinity tattoo ideas and their meanings

When it comes to the infinity tattoo, there are endless possibilities. Here are some popular ideas to get you inspired:

Infinity tattoo with heart

A tattoo that represents eternal love, often seen as a couples tattoo

Infinity tattoo with heart

Infinity tattoo with a name

A way to represent an eternal bond with a loved one

Infinity tattoo with a name

Double infinity tattoo

The double infinity symbol, created by intertwining two infinity symbols together - one on top of the other - signifying perfection, is often used in jewelry and tattooing.

Double infinity tattoo

Infinity arrow tattoo

The analogy of an arrow being shot forward by initially being pulled back can be applied to life's difficulties. Just as the archer needs to pull the arrow back to launch it forward, we must go through difficult times before we reach something better.

Infinity arrow tattoo

Infinity rose tattoo

Whether you want to show your affection for someone or express platonic love, these beautiful roses will always help touch the heart of your recipients. Even if they don't prefer the type of rose you give them, they will still adore an everlasting rose because it conveys your infinite affection and love.

Infinity rose tattoo

Semicolon infinity tattoo

The semicolon has become a popular tattoo design with a powerful meaning. It represents life's continuation despite difficulties and hope for the future. This infinity tattoo is often seen to raise awareness about mental health issues such as depression and anxiety.

Semicolon infinity tattoo

Double heart infinity tattoo

The infinity symbol is a reminder that two people are eternally committed to one another. It's the embodiment of two individuals who have pledged their lives to separate journeys but have united as one, joining their destinies for all eternity.

Double heart infinity tattoo

Lotus infinity tattoo

The lotus symbol represents the path to enlightenment in Buddhist culture. It's composed of spirals that symbolize the twists and turns life takes, as well as straight lines that represent the moment one reaches enlightenment or peace.

Lotus infinity tattoo

Infinity cross tattoo

Is a powerful symbol that represents your eternal love and faith towards God.

Infinity cross tattoo

Infinity anchor tattoo

The anchor is a popular tattoo design that has a variety of different meanings. It can represent stability, security, and hope. An anchor infinity tattoo could symbolize someone who has been a rock for you during tough times or act as a reminder to stay strong in the face of adversity.

Infinity anchor tattoo

Infinity butterfly tattoo

The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and change. It typically represents the different stages of life, from caterpillar to cocoon to butterfly. An infinity butterfly tattoo could signify that you are ready for a new chapter in your life or represent new beginnings.

Infinity butterfly tattoo

Infinity triangle tattoo

People often get triangle tattoos because they feel a connection to the symbolism of the shape. Triangles represent connection, harmony, creativity, wisdom, and growth. In the spiritual sense, it also refers to the Holy Trinity – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Infinity triangle tattoo

Infinity feather tattoo

The infinity feather is a popular figure-of-8 tattoo. The feather can mean free spirit, floating or flying, and even letting fate choose your path. This design often carries a deep, personal meaning for the wearer.

Infinity feather tattoo

People Also Ask:

What does a loop tattoo mean?

One of the world's most ubiquitous symbols is the infinity loop, often chosen by people as a tattoo. The reasons vary, but mostly because it's seen as an eternal symbol of immortality or an unending life cycle. Its mathematical origins date back to the lemniscate, which powerfully denotes an infinite system.

What does an infinity tattoo with a feather mean?

The infinity feather tattoo is popular for those who want a figure-of-8 design. The meaning of the feather can vary, but it often represents freedom, movement, and letting fate choose your path.

Are infinity tattoos good?

A double infinity tattoo represents both eternity and the strength of two lives connected for all eternity. So it's a good tattoo.

How much does an infinity tattoo cost?

The price of an infinity tattoo will depend on the design's size, complexity, and location. Generally, small tattoos start at around $50, while larger ones cost upwards of $200.

Is the infinity symbol religious?

The infinity symbol in Christianity similarly represents The Eternal Being or God. By wearing an infinity cross, religious people show their love and everlasting promise to God and their faith.

What does the Bible say about infinity?

God, the maker of heaven and earth, repeatedly describes Himself as infinite in power (almighty), dominion (everywhere-present), and understanding (everything-knowing). These terms reveal His limitless sovereignty, authority, grandeur, and majesty.

What does an infinity tattoo mean? 

An infinity tattoo represents the concept of infinity, which means something that is endless, eternal, or boundless. The symbol can be used to represent an unending connection, love, or friendship.

Where to put infinity tattoo? 

Infinity tattoos can be placed on various body parts such as wrists, ankles, behind the ear, or on the finger.

What does infinity mean in love? 

Infinity in love symbolizes a never-ending connection, a bond that is eternal, and an unbreakable relationship.

What tattoo symbolizes love? 

There are various tattoo designs that symbolize love such as heart tattoos, rose tattoos, dove tattoos, and infinity tattoos.

What does a double infinity symbol mean? 

A double infinity symbol represents endless love, infinite possibilities, and limitless opportunities.

What does the heart and infinity tattoo mean? 

A heart and infinity tattoo is a combination of two powerful symbols representing eternal love or an unending bond.

How to cover an infinity tattoo? 

An infinity tattoo can be covered with a larger tattoo design or through laser tattoo removal.

What does a heart with an infinity symbol mean? 

A heart with an infinity symbol represents infinite love, an unbreakable bond, and a never-ending connection.

What does a semicolon tattoo mean? 

A semicolon tattoo represents mental health awareness, hope, and survival in the face of mental illness.

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250+ Infinity Tattoo Ideas For Your Inspiration