Fake Tattoo Studio Scam Victims out of Deposits on TikTok

Last update: March 14, 2024

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Quincy Police have issued a warning about a fake tattoo studio scam in Massachusetts that has scammed at least a dozen people out of deposit money. The fraudulent business, which has been identified as "KTD_Tattoo_Studio" on social media, lured victims by claiming to be a new tattoo studio in Quincy. However, when victims went to the address listed on social media, they discovered an old man's apartment instead of a tattoo studio.

A fraudulent tattoo studio scam has recently scammed several individuals in Quincy, Massachusetts, out of their deposit money. The scam, which was promoted through a social media account, claimed to be a new tattoo studio but did not exist when victims arrived for their appointments.

The scammer communicated with victims through private messages on TikTok and Instagram, luring them with the promise of a private studio and affordable prices. Victims were asked to make deposits via Cash App, but some were unable to obtain refunds after realizing that the tattoo studio was fake.

The Quincy Police Department has issued a warning about the scam, advising people to be cautious and research tattoo studios thoroughly before booking an appointment. The Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have also provided resources to help individuals avoid scams.

Detective Thien Le, the lead investigator on the case with the Quincy Police Department, has obtained a search warrant for Cash App to investigate transactions between victims and the scammer's account. The department is still awaiting additional information from the search warrant to pursue charges.

Victims of the scam are urging others to be vigilant and avoid falling for similar scams in the future. The incident highlights the importance of being careful when giving money to individuals and ensuring that businesses are legitimate before engaging in any transactions.

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